GPS Navigator

GPS Navigator is an achievement of modern technology. This satellite navigation system is running at any time 24 hours a day, in any weather conditions, anywhere in our world.
GPS satellites make a circle round the earth twice a day and send the signal information to Earth.
The receiver detects the user’s location and transmits it on the map on the device.
GPS receivers work with extreme precision. GPS signal comprise three various bits of information. This is a pseudo-random code, ephemeris data and calendar data. The pseudo-random code determines satellite, which is the subject of a transfer of information. The ephemeris data contains information about the state of the satellite. This part of the signal is required to determine the location. Calendar data determine the date and time.
The company «Naniko” offers its customers a device GPS Navigator.
An interesting fact is that the company often provides the user shares on the GPS Navigator r. It may be for you free of charge or for just $ 10 a day.
GPS Navigator – This is a great opportunity to travel on unfamiliar roads, without any fear of losing the road.
At the time of booking car, you can mark in the department of accessories GPS Navigator. If you forget to do this, you can call or write to our email about it, and at the time of delivery of the car we will also deliver GPS Navigator.
We wish happy travel to you.

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